Unobtainum – concert review

Unobtainum in “Szafa” club – 10.03.2014.

I’m starting to write about this concert two days later, not that I have been thinking whether it is worth writing about at all or not. I do not want to claim the lack of time, though, of course, I could do that, justifying it with a number of issues and important things to do overlapping at the same time. I am, though, of the opinion that in your life you should not justify your inability to do something with the rush and the flying time but you should be able to enjoy any free moment, stopping you in the middle of that rush, giving you a moment of relief, taking you on an unexpected journey to incredible times or places you have not even dreamt of for different reasons.
And Unobtainum takes us on such a journey. Marek Jakubowicz said we should set off from Scandinavia and we would continue to Persia and then further, to the east … On stage Marek Jakubowicz – the guitar, sitar, Michał Ruksza – piano Two men and – as it seemed to me – the vastness of music. They both perfectly understood the meaning of silence, using its sound not only as reverberation. Silence most often became an integral part of the composition, at some moment I had a feeling they let it improvise on a given topic. I cannot exactly remember when I understood they were in fact a trio playing. I started wondering how they managed to harmonise with this constantly changing space – depending on the club they were performing in. Surely it must be rooted in the cultural backgrounds of the music they play. There are many musicians who play Scandinavian music or are inspired with the music of the near or far east, thus, how come this project is so unique?

In case of Unobtainum, a distinguishing factor is probably the personal approach to joint creation consisting in spinning a story. This is a very universal form because a common story may concern anyone of us, irrespectively of where we are, what we do or what we want. Above all the emotions they share with the listeners, most often silent witnesses of the staged events, are of universal nature. Yes, they think with the images, in which there is always something going on. These images are an incredible collection of details filling up the entire space. The voices, fragments of conversations, buzz of the streets and total peacefulness, as if suddenly you ended up outside the city. It is the whispering grass and also a number of unidentified sounds for someone who has never had a chance to go the regions that are the sources of the inspirations for these musical pieces.
Identifying your own emotions is easier if the composed music is based on the understanding between the two musicians. Plus, without doubt, their unique style of playing. Then, it is just silence that gains in meaning, the silence that closely watches the direction they would follow seeking the right sound. Owing to that the face of Unobtainum changes being one and the same journey. The journey we could set on to reach the destination and to perceive its beauty thought the perspective of the constant changes thereof.
I should also add that the skills of improvisation of Unobtainum duo, precise selection of the right timbre and sound, here sitar plays an important role, in a natural way transpose us to the respective geographical regions and also help us appreciate the relevant pieces but …I guess it is obvious that the described journey would have no sense if the basic components failed to be worked out in detail.
Thus, come to the concert and see if I am right saying Unobtainum is unforgettable. I will definitely be there, too.

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