Album: Unobtainum

After more than 2 years of work album “Unobtainum” is done. Official online release date is 1st July 2016. We’d like to say thank you to our friends and great musicians from Malaysia and Iran for joining this project and adding unique music colors.

Music with no limits

We want to play music that will be recognisable but at the same music that would resist any rigid classifications. For us it will always be like spinning a story. It’s great we can share it with others – say Marek Jakubowicz and Michał Ruksza, musicians from „Unobtainum” duo.


Next composition for the coming album. This music is from the another world but sill keep the Unobtainum music soul. Titled: Enceladus. Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. Music composed by Marek Jakubowicz, Marek[…]


This is very beautiful music composed by Michał Ruksza. Different stories are there and inspirations. You will find some EST influences but also some notes related to the Turtles Tame Chaos Music by Anna Chong. Music[…]

Unobtainum kolędowo

Posłuchaj kolęd w wykonaniu duetu Unobtainum oraz Anny Sandowicz. Nagrania można też pobrać jako pliki mp3. Naszych kolęd można było też posłuchać w audycji Patryka Wiatra “Trans Jazz Fair” 23/12/2015 w Radiu Malbork. Anna Sandowicz –[…]