Unobtainum instruments and equipment

  1. Jazz Guitar + Amplifier Marinello Accoustic.
    • Outputs:

    • Microphone Sennheiser (passive) – XLR.
    • Microphone Sennheiser (active) – XLR.
  2. Electric Piano Nord
    • Output:

    • 2x Jack 6.3mm.

Required (min):

  1. Stage monitors (active) 2x.
  2. Grand Piano (Yamaha C2, C3, C5 or grand piano with a similar or better quality).
    • Grand piano has to be tuned before the concert (442Hz or 440Hz).
    • 2-3x active microphones and stands.
  3. Audio system relevant to the scene: mixer & speakers.
  4. Microphone & stand for the concert introduction.

Grand Piano

Generally we play concerts with the grand piano but for the smaller places (up to 100 seats) we can use only electric Nord Piano.
We have also our grand piano Yamaha C3 and we can use it for the concert up to 100 km from the Poznań. This always require additional fee and confirmation.